STREET POETS Inc. is a non-profit poetry-based peace-making organization dedicated to the creative process as a force for individual and community transformation.


Street Poets Inc

An inspiring reflection of the creative healing spirit of Street Poets Inc. and the community it serves in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

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    This afternoon, one day after the murders of Dallas police officers Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarippa, Michael Krol, Michael Smith and Lorne Ahrens, two days after the murder of Philando Castile in Minnesota and three days after the murder of Alton Sterling in Louisiana, I was sitting in the driver’s seat of my beat-up Subaru Outback

  • A Gangster’s Guide to Freedom

    If you are or have been a gang member, the most practical question to ask yourself right now is “What is the current status of my relationship to my gang?”

  • Street Poets Visit Sweden

    For the second year in a row, Street Poets was invited to participate in the annual international Youth Initiative Forum in Jarna, Sweden. SP Teaching Artists Art Quiros and Frank Escamilla, along with youth leader Jaynese
    “Ladybug” Poole,

  • Street Poets on the Apache Rez

    Most importantly perhaps, a poetic dialogue begins — between two communities that share not only deep wounds, but powerful gifts capable of transforming our world into something in which we can all believe. This, in the end, is why we are here.


True Nature

This book was conceived as a portrait of the creative community that both nurtures and serves, and is nurtured and served by, the non-profit organization Street Poets Inc.. Born from a poetry workshop in a Los Angeles County probation camp for boys, Street Poets has evolved over the past 20 years into a multi-dimensional, highly

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