Jaynese ‘Ladybug’ Poole

Jaynese ‘Ladybug’ Poole is a multi-passionate creative from South Central and Compton, California. They met Street Poets in 2010 as a youth and are now Managing Artist for Visual Media and Special Projects. Jaynese is the Writer/Director of ‘Hey Stacy’ short film that has screened in festivals like Outfest, PINK APPLE in Zurich, Switzerland, NewFest: New York LGBT Film Festival, and Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney, Australia. For 6 years, Jaynese has been a part of the Sunday Jump team as the stage manager and co-resident DJ which has opened the door to support to concert venues and festivals like Levitt Pavilion and Community Arts Resources in Los Angeles County. They are a former member of 4CLab (a non-profit, providing opportunities for young creative visionaries to share their stories through artistic expression), OutSet (The Young Filmmakers Project from LA LGBT Center and Outfest) and the LA County Arts Ed Collective’s Youth Advisory Council. They love Queen Latifah and roller skating to disco music.