Jaynese Poole

Jaynese ‘Ladybug’ Poole from South Central, Los Angeles and Compton, California is a spoken word poet, dancer and screenwriter. She hosts, performs, organizes community events and holds safe spaces for youth throughout Los Angeles County and beyond. She has been an involved with Street Poets Inc. for over 7 years, as a youth and is now a teaching artist and media strategist. Jaynese has worked closely with the Los Angeles LGBT center as an OutSet alumni (a filmmaking program for LGBTQ young people between the ages of 16-24, created by Lifeworks and Outfest) performing spoken word with Pen Pushers LifeWorks program at Models of Pride 2016 and The Future is Black: Reclaiming Our Power event in honor of Black History Month. She is also a member of 4CLab, a non-profit, providing opportunities for young creative visionaries to share their stories through artistic expression.