Grains of hope still remain Memories invade my brain When I seek peace I feel knee-deep in the System Like quick sand forcing me back to the darkness But I

In the dark An overwhelming gift Lifted I get wicked Gin spins around me Veering to my feet I stand in the street An exile among homies and strangers I’ve

First-born experiment child of a loving absent father stuck in the Marine corps And an angry mother I would die for Moved around a lot Inland Empire apartment to apartment

I’m sickwitit Sometimes my eyes can’t help but cry The saline solution To my compromised constitution The real revolution Begins with a tear Not that political shit Fed by fear

I remember When my smiles became cries When the truth became lies When I cut all ties to myself Swallowed by darkness A slave to the block I walked in

Brother I don’t hate you Not even a little bit ‘Cause we were little kids And we were sick of it That’s why I spit poetry through speakers Pointed at